Big Russian Shootout

2017 Norm Smith Memorial Basketball Tournament


What are the requirements to play?

For the 2017 Big Russian Shootout, any men and/or women who are employed in law enforcement or fire departments are allowed to participate.  (This includes, but is not limited to, police, sheriffs, federal agents, prosecutors, fire fighters). If there is any question about your eligibility contact a Big Russian Shootout Staff member.

Do I Need to Bring Proof of Law Enforcement Agency Affiliation?

Yes, yes you do.  Badges, credentials, a note from your superior, pay stub, a funny story that can be corroborated by someone with a badge or credentials... i.e. something that verifies your affiliation.   

How Do I Register?

Simply click on the "Rosters & Waivers" page at and follow the steps to register online, or fill out an entry form and return it to the address provided. Full payment must be received and all required paperwork must be signed and received by the registration deadline in order for your entire registration process to be complete. Entry forms are accepted via mail, in person or online.  

What is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register for the event is April 28, 2017. Once the deadline has passed it is very difficult to add additional teams as the scheduling process will have started.  If you have missed the deadline and still wish to register, we do have a late registration at an additional fee. FINAL REGISTRATION IS MAY 5TH, 2017.  

Is there an entry fee?  

Yes, the entry fee is $250 per team, if paid by April 28, 2017.  

Late registration is $300 per team, if paid after April 28th but before May 5th, 2017. 

100% of the funds raised from this event will be donated to protect and support our local community.  

How many players can I have on the roster?

You must have 3 players on your team, but no more than 5 players (the 4th and 5th players are substitutes).  Entry fee is the same regardless of number of players on team!  A coach does not count as a player and will not receive any player gifts (t-shirt, etc.). 

Do we have to wear a Jersey?

No, you do not need to wear jerseys with player numbers, however it is very helpful if possible.  Your team should plan on wearing the same color of shirt/jersey and to bring a back-up set of a different color since two opposing teams can't wear the same color in a game. 

Can I change my roster after I am registered?

Yes you can adjust your roster until the start of your first game, as long as the replacement is also employed as law enforcement. Roster changes must be done either pre-event or at the check-in table before your first game. Roster changes cannot be made online. All new players must fill out a player change form prior to their first game; otherwise, the team will forfeit games played with the non-registered player prior to the form being completed. Roster change forms are available on the web-site or are available at the check-in table.

When do we get our schedule?

Schedules will be available the day of the tournament.  

2017 Norm Smith Memorial Basketball Tournament